Adele once quoted, “I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears”. And I am like…Who on earth would want to go to a concert blindfolded?!? Especially when the artist performing in front of you is Farhad Humayon. The “Nimmi Nimmi’ singer, famous for his vocal range, drumming skills, handsomeness and head to toe black looks performed with his band at the Queen Elizabeth Foyer in Southbank London, recently.


Staying true to his rage Farhad chose to wear a custom-made heavily studded waistcoat by eponymous label Uzma Rao over yet another modish all black attire. Farhad seems very particular about his display of personal style. Why shouldn’t he? After all fashion is also a form of entertainment.

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On inquiring, Uzma Rao told I SPOKE BESPOKE “Since OVERLOAD is the loudest band in Asia, I wanted to make Farhad something that was reflective of that sound, energy and passion. The bespoke heavily metal studded waistcoat takes inspiration from the 80’s shock rock; an Era of big hair, sound, excess and metal.”

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HSY - Celebrating 20 Years. Photo by Ather Shahzad. Profile Image (1)

Our very own King of Couture…Hassan Sheharyar Yasin, also known as HSY, holding international acclaims in the fashion industry, has been serving us with his eccentric color palette and immaculate design sense for two decades now. HSY celebrates the completion of twenty years of his fashion house with his collection DIVINE DECADENCE to be showcased at the PFDC L’OREAL PARIS BRIDAL WEEK 2014. The visionary HASSAN SHEHERYAR YASIN tells us about the importance PFDC L’OREAL PARIS BRIDAL WEEK 2014 holds for the grooms to be, what all he has in store for them and why I SPOKE BESPOKE has an edge as a fashion blog.

HSY - PLBW 2014 - Teaser Image [F]

One item in attire that a groom can survive without?

A turban.

Is matching your color theme with your bride’s bridal still in vogue?

I think that depends but it is pretty much a yes.

How is your label going to create a difference from the other designers showcasing their collection?

I always try not to merely design clothes but have a philosophy that inspires me. This time what really has inspired me are the strong contrasts present in our society when it comes to women.

What areas in a groom’s attire do you play with the most when designing for a certain client?

I think the color and texture of the fabric really matters a lot. I love working on the shoulders area let it be motifs or any other form of embroidery.

Is it a crime for grooms to overshadow their brides on their big day?

Absolutely not! I think both the bride and the groom should look great.

Why should the grooms to be attend PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week 2014 when it mostly focuses on the brides?

Well most of the designers don’t have any separate pieces for grooms. I always design for the grooms and brides. They must come and have an idea what options exist for them.

One trend we should be looking forward to, in your collection this season?

There will be a lot of shades from nature and will predominately feature aqueous shades.

What inspired you this season for your menswear collection?

Since I have completed my 20 years in the fashion industry and the whole process has been an inspiration.

Define your label in 3 words?

Elegant, Iconic, Timeless

Why I Spoke Bespoke?

Someone who already has a fashion background, and understands this industry and the struggle in designing clothes.


Totkas (tidbits) are deemed to be part of your life if you live in Pakistan. In my teenage days I’d often follow Zubaida Apas desi solutions in the hopes of having a fairer complexion. Now now, just because I read out a little embarrassing chapter of my life does not give you the right to judge me..I DID NOT BUY HER BEAUTY SOAP…lol. But I’m pretty sure every second person I know has thought of doing so at some point in their lives. Acne and breakouts were like my best friends..always there even when I didn’t need them. My late grandmother would often respond to my skin related complaints…”SHERAN DE MUN TOTAY TULAYE”…meaning “a lion’s face is always clean”. It did help me ignore my dermatological woes and worries. Unfortunately, that thought wouldn’t use to last long.

It so happened that I had taken my mom for her beauty shopping to this certain famous mall when I found myself standing in the face and beauty section skimming through a gazillion face-washes and sunscreen lotions. I am the sort of guy who believes in being thrifty and does not spend a wad of money to beautify myself. But a guy’s allowed to take care of himself….unless he’s a caveman. Even that look now a days needs more maintenance. I eventually came across this amazing Garnier binary combination: the GARNIER POWERLIGHT INTENSIVE FAIRNESS FACE WASH and the GARNIER POWERLIGHT FAIRNESS MOISTURIZER SPF15.


Garnier Men Powerlight Intensive Fairness Face wash is a combination of face wash and scrub. What I loved about it was that not only did it get rid of the acne outbreaks but my skin started becoming fairer too! Enriched with brightening lemon extracts, it exterminates toxins and sweat- all of which were blocking my skin initially. The gentle micro-polishing beads helped exfoliate my oily skin and gets rid of dead cells. Its formula, augmented with anti-oxidant grape water, eliminates all the impurities & pollutants leaving your face with a shine rather oil.


We all know that the sun here in Pakistan has a special vendetta against our skin. I was recommended the GARNIER POWERLIGHT FAIRNESS MOISTURIZER SPF15 by the sales person. Its one time use left me with a fresh feeling that lasted for at least 3-4 hours. This moisturizer is mildly fragranced that can be used after shaving instead of those heavily scented after shave lotions. SPF15 sun protection prevents skin from further darkening. With only two ingredients mentioned, Lemon Extract & Anti-pigmenting Long Dan, it is the first moisturizer for men with a fairness performance that too helps remove dark dead cells, reveals visibly fairer and smoother skin immediately. The anti-pigmenting Long Dan prevents production of skin-darkening melanin, intensively reducing dark spots.

This entire experience made my skin matte giving it a certain glow. Packaging is good and the products are travel friendly. Fragrance is lemon-y masculine and strong. I always repurchase the GARNIER POWERLIGHT INTENSIVE FAIRNESS FACE WASH and the GARNIER POWERLIGHT FAIRNESS MOISTURIZER SPF15. You might presume that this deep-cleansing face wash and the fairness moisturizer would require you to spend a ton of money, right? Sorry to disappoint you but it is as cheap as Rs. 150 and Rs. 285 only respectively!


When it comes to the double denim funda, here’s the unofficial fashion rule: Put in the utmost effort to look effortless. How often do you come across fashion crimes in the name of double denim? Never enough! And how many a time does the look actually looks favorable? The answer to that is ‘Barely’. Mastering his gate for Faraz Manan-Ather Shahzad fashion show, was the urbane Nael Ahmed in an understated but a debonair double denim look. With bared ankles, in what appear to be gucci loafers, and water-high length folds, Nael cleverly put together different shades of denim in his look to visually slice down his tall height. This is exactly when they say KNOW YOUR BODY. From the clean bleached denim shirt to the rawness of this ripped pair of gap jeans, there’s something reassuring about this simple yet rugged take on double denim that incorporates all the aesthetic refinements a denim lover possesses. And I can spot one right here!!!

10678631_564733790294408_3692045209313558886_n     10633545_844003352285035_7590760321970629193_o


Photo Courtesy : Ebuzztoday


Fawad Khan has been so truly khoobsurat to his character in his bollywood flick that the regal image he etched in our mind will take ages to edit. Staying true to his supermacy, across and beyond the border, Fawad Khan wore none other than our very own menswear fashion label ‘Republic by Omar Farooq’ for the red carpet of his movie’s premier held here in Lahore. Fawad donned a grey two piece suit, in tropical merino wool super 120’s fabric, over a white shirt with a classic collar. This power suit despite the peak lapel collar and slightly structured shoulders was easy on the eyes like a rainbow in the skies. Where the windowpane check added a pleasant girth to Fawad’s frame, the slim drop/cut jacket and the carrot slim fit, ankle length trousers with a minor break complimented his new narrow physique. The midnight blue silk scarf fiddling in the pocket was the most trickiest player in this look that drove focus closer to Fawad’s face. He brought much needed fun and quirkiness to the seriousness of the suit with a little help of the tiny turquoise brooch, that I remember from Republic By Omar Farooq’s previous fashion week collection, making the bow ties and ties excesses of the past decade. Fawad left the solid shirts for men who play it safe, and instead picked a preppy pale blue polka dots shirt. His entire look was modern, cool, and assertive but never in your face and smacked of self-possession…!!!

10670131_846225235408520_1993284133875523763_n     10151795_846225225408521_6895482147348620622_n 

 10653822_846225172075193_3904874907425696300_n   1520824_846225152075195_1012005704085622709_n

10408983_846225438741833_1820917859641163844_n     10712792_846225102075200_8946262158001379125_n

Photo Courtesy : Latitude PR


As much as I enjoy a glamorous shimmery bridal fashion show, I love keeping my eyes off ramp too, poaching the stylish men that stand out in the crowd. Its worth taking the risk of missing a trend from the cat walk. Besides the glitterati in attendance will be the ones donning the looks riding the runway the second minute anyway.  Spotted at the much hyped Faraz Manan- Ather Shahzad fashion show held at Falettis Hotel last night was this leading male model turned actor, looking front row ready in a formal black waistcoat by Republic by Omar Farooq, with a crisp pocket square, over a head to tow attire by chic. He was probably one of the few men who were dressed to impress. The striking, Emmad Irfani proved that when it comes to fashion he is not under-supplied with a taste level. Especially when the pocket square, waistcoat trend is going viral among the fashion lovers, something I immensely appreciate in these few and far between male models who don’t only make headlines for being an on duty bondsman to the designers but hit the a’ la mode mark off ramp too.

IMG_1362     IMG_1363

IMG_1365     IMG_1367


I come across many various great photos of men from different parts and lifestyles of world, on social media platforms daily, dressed in sharp tailored suit and/or casual sports jackets. It is as recent as one or two seasons ago that I noticed pocket squares playing peek-a-boo with the coat pockets to a point where I now don’t see a single pocket walking empty down the street. So I won’t be committing a sin when I say that pocket squares have crossed the threshold from being an accessory to a necessary. They have surely acquired a small place in everyone’s closet for defining a statement this season. But wait…it’s summers here in this part of the world..and a sports jacket??? A pocket square doesn’t seem to be a good idea since we have nothing to tuck it in. I say we do..!!! Let’s be a little playful with our dressing here. How about wearing a pocket square in your shirt’s pocket. Pull your denim shirt out of your closet, tuck in a funky cool pocket square and you are good to walk out of the door. I found plenty of images to reason my suggestion. These pocket squares look best when worn with a semi-formal denim shirt. Be it a rolled up full sleeve or a half sleeve shirt. And if its a shirt made out of chambray like the one that Fawad Khan wore at a celebrity talk show recently, that’s a bonus.


tumblr_n2qoaleCLD1qkuvr0o1_500 pkt

Even a hanker-chief could prove to be a good substitute if you are planning to not invest in the pocket squares till the winters arrive. All depends on your build and physique. If the hanker-chief makes your shirt pocket bulge out too much, keep folding it further or get a smaller one. Since you are wearing it with a shirt it could either compliment, contrast or even match the color of your shirt or your pants that you choose to wear. Try avoiding tucking them in your tee shirt pockets. That would be a trend gone wrong in many ways I can’t even imagine. Us men look our best when it seems like we are not trying too hard.

 tumblr_m4sh0n1oZx1qhrt1ro1_500 The-Dandy-Project-Pocket-Square 7072a                   img_6607-2




Omar Zaman, the brains behind Leisure Club, shows us that one does not need buffed up biceps or rock hard abs to become a model. All one requires is the right amount of attitude with a tinge of confidence. Pakistan’s newest, and my favorite menswear fashion brand, Bareeze Man, that has successfully drawn a well-dressed crowd in no time, showcased their much appreciated menswear range at the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week recently. Amsterdam Fashion Week is one of the most glamorous semi-annual event in the global fashion industry. Omar, lucky him, landed a coveted spot walking in Amsterdam Fashion Week for the respected brand. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out if he was not one of the other European models walking the ramp. Hope this will teach our local models to focus more on their persona than their body alone…!!!


Omar Zaman walking the ramp in Amsterdam Fashion Week

10501853_929231733759397_7769604226445941904_n            10492178_929231563759414_654152714697861278_n

Omar Zaman backstage posing with an European model

Photo Courtesy: Bareeze Man facebook page



My summers used to be all about denim, denim, denim and denim nonetheless. And as if that wasn’t enough, think about some more denim. “What shall I wear to Uni today? hmm…my favorite pair of light blue ripped jeans, Date night? Dark blue jeans should be good, Work mode? Oh I know…Plain black jeans are the answer”. I mean, for the love of fashion, don’t get me wrong, I adore denim and probably am addicted to jeans. I wear them like there’s no tomorrow, especially this pair of black stretchable skinny jeans designed by me, that I wear everywhere and anywhere. But where my versatility is concerned, I wonder…do guys like me have any other option, apart from a pair of denim jeans, where we don’t have to compromise on our taste and style…??? Frankly, if you had asked me this last season I would have no answer to provide you with. But today my answer is that… yes!!! Of course!!! DOCKERS ALPHA KHAKIS…helllllooooo?!?!?!?! Have you not been keeping tabs on the recent ins and outs of our little world of retail fashion??? Don’t worry if you haven’t. This is where my views come in handy. Let me give you my insights about Dockers recent reinvention by the name of ALPHA KHAKIS.

DSC_0023 DSC_0022

I had the chance to visit Dockers’ Xinhua Mall outlet while out and about on a window shopping spree here in Lahore, very well informed on the fact that Dockers in comparison to all the Tom, Dick and Harry brands making chinos are the pioneers of the measurable commercial success of Khakis. I entered the store where my eyes landed on these cool funky colors that I spotted from a distance. Now, whenever I used to think about Dockers; only two words would swirl in my head…Uncle-ish Khakis!!! “But then, what on earth are these hot tempting colors doing in a Dockers store???” Turns out that the fashion aficionados at Dockers revived their staple item with colors, from globally influential designers, that even I have seen in force on the runways. Yellow, blue, burgundy, grey, tea pink, red…name it and they have it. This pleasant outburst of Khakis had me do a double take about Dockers image.  My hot most favorite one is the blue camouflage which, to me, is great for work atmosphere with a more relaxed dress code, a summer lunch or even just a day about town with the homies. I haven’t told you the best part yet.

standard tapered slim tapered skinny tapered

These ALPHA KHAKIS, made in hundred percent cotton, are available in our hear-ted fits, ranging from skinny tapered to slim tapered. And for those who desire not to show-off, you get to have the standard tapered fit to choose from. Tapered bottom always plays its trick well of making one look tall and lean. Where this range might be a little hard to digest for some, it certainly is working wonders for me. As I have already made room for them in my wardrobe.

dockers-alpha-khaki Dockers-Alpha-Collection6

Photo Courtesy: Google, Dockers.com and my dslr 😛


It is no exaggeration to say that girls in our country (and the neighboring country too) dream about Fawad Khan. Him being stalked by a bunch of them should not come as a surprise. Even guys following him would not make one raise an eyebrow. Oh trust me it would not. That is if you hear me out first!!! Fawad Khan has been the talk of the town for sharing sizzling chemistry with the hot and happening Sonam Kapoor in his much awaited, first ever Indian flick, entitled Khoobsurat, for some time now. And I was dying out of itch to cover what had me all head over heels in love with…the new and much shorter IT length for men’s Kurtas. Khoobsurat held its first press release in New Delhi recently. Fawad Khan, the rare male fashion connoisseur, who has no qualms about embracing imaginative style, completely stole the show in a Rajhistani spirit. Fawad stepped out in a regal, white crisp cotton mid-thigh length kurta and a pair of white Jodhpur pants, worn under a slim fit, off-white jamawar, nehru collar waistcoat all by the renown Indian fashion designer Raghavendra Rathore. He finished his look with a maroon printed pocket square and a pair of dark brown lace up leather shoes giving it a much needed oomph.

fawad-khan-khoobsurat-trail (1)    sonam-kapoor-fawad-khan-1-2207141 (1)      sonam-kapoor-khoobsurat-trailer-launch-fawad-khan

His look for the day seemed precise, controlled and felt very comfortable. It was as if he had put considerable time, thought and effort into his outfit. Raghavendra Rathore is responsible for Fawad Khans entire wardrobe for this film. He has also stylized acclaimed celebs like Ranbir Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and last but not the least Saif Ali Khan. So guys…feel free to follow Fawad..sorry I meant his fashion style..!! lol :p

Photo Courtesy: Bollywoodlife.com